Information’s System

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a. What is the system??

The meaning of system can divided into 2 meaning based on the approach of the system:

•    Based on Procedure’s Approach System is the work’s network from procedure that related each other to finish the target.

•    Based on Element’s Approach System is the group of elements that be interacted each other to reach the purpose. The system is work to reach a purpose (goal) & to reach a target (objective).

b.  The Characteristic of System What about the component of system??

There are some points that explain about the characteristic of the system:

1. The component of System : Consist of a number of components which interact, what each other working along to form an unity. The example is Supra System that is a larger ones system.

2.  Boundary : A system has a boundary to limiting system with environmental or other system outside its.

3.  Environments : Environment is a media link between a subsystem with other subsystem.

4.  Input : Entered energy into system can in the form of treatment input and signal input. The treatment input is entered energy system to can walk. While signal input is energy which in process to yield output.

5.  Output : The result from processed energy and classified is become an output which good for and rest of dismissal.

6.  Process : Process is the change an input become output.

7.  Target (objective)/goal : Otherwise have the target then system operation there will be no utilizing of. The system is told succeed if it has reach the target/its goal.The connection’s media between one subsystem with the other subsystem. With this connection, the energy’s source can be possible flow from one subsystem to other subsystem.

c.  The Classification of System

The system can be classified into several visions:

1.  Abstract’s System & Physical’s System

The abstract’s system: The system can be idea that doesn’t appearance physically (Theology’s System).

The physical’s system: The system that appearance physically (Computer’s System).

2. Natural’s System & Human Imitation’s System

The natural’s system:  The system that occur passing natural’s process, the system doesn’t made by human (circle of earth).

Human imitation’s system: The system that created by human (Human-Machine System).

3.   The Specific’s System & Unspecific System

The specific’s system:  The system operated with attitude that can be predicted.

The unspecific system: The system that future’s condition doesn’t be predicted.

4.   The Closed System & Open’s System

The closed system: The system doesn’t relation and effect the outside’s environment.

The open’s system: The system is relation and effect the outside’s environment.

  • The Basic’s Concept of Information

The information are the data that flow on the body of an organization. The data is describe the events and factual united.

  • The Cycle of Information
  • The Quality of Information

• Accurancy : The information must be free from the mistakes.

• Timeliness : The information that come to receiver mayn’t late.

• Relevant     : That information has usual to user.


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